Evolution of online casinos: latest generation games

Evolution of online casinos: latest generation games

It is not new that online casinos always try to offer new games that take advantage of the most modern technologies , but what we have been witnessing in recent years is a real evolution of casino games, not only from a graphic point of view, but also the rules and game modes.

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The first big leap into a new generation of games was seen in slot machines . The progress of these games was limited until recently to increasing the number of reels and game lines, with some minor innovations such as wild symbols or bonus games and redesigned graphics. However, the game structure has remained the same for years.

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With the introduction of the latest generation of slot machines in online casinos 3win2u, we have witnessed a real change of direction, with games that not only have new complex functions, but are also radically different from each other. It is very easy to find new slot machines that pay out winnings in two directions, others that start free re-spins, still others with bonus skill games or win multipliers with modes ranging from free spins to symbols that explode and give way to other new symbols.

Although many “purists” might turn up their noses, changes are also beginning to be seen in classic games: the new Marvel Roulette for example, combines an American roulette with a slot machine, adding progressive jackpots to a classic table for the first time.

The increasingly massive presence of arcade games transformed into online casino games should not be underestimated either, each with its own special rules to offer an ever greater degree of fun.

Basically, the trend seems to be that of wanting to renew (and innovate) the sector considerably, both to regain that slice of the public that is now tired of the possibilities offered by this activity, and to attract users of the web 2.0, more and more demanding in terms of services offered through the internet.

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