Online casinos improve compatibility with iPhone and iPad

For some months the “mobile hunt” has also been undertaken by the managers of online casinos, who have wasted no time in creating applications and websites that can guarantee full compatibility with the most popular and popular Apple devices around the world: we are talking about iPhones and iPads.

Mobile casinos are now a reality that is expanding like wildfire and investments in this sector are growing at an impressive rate. Just think that in a few months practically all the most famous names in the sector have created a version for portable devices of their virtual gaming rooms, also taking advantage of the speed with which the world’s largest producers of gambling software online have made available new games that run on touch screens.

Obviously, particular attention was paid to development with regard to the Apple world : with millions of users only in the online gaming market in Italy, the most far-sighted saw an excellent opportunity to revive a sector that risked suffering a severe blow. due to the lack of noteworthy innovations for some years now. Even the offers and bonuses historically offered by online casinos are taking a direction that particularly favors users who play on the move.

At present, most mobile gaming sites offer between 20 and 30 games , not yet up to the hundreds of games available in the classic version of online casinos, but a big step up from a very short time ago. . The launch of new games expected shortly could further favor iPhone and iPad owners, because it seems that some gaming halls want to propose the new entries in the sector as an exclusive for Apple phones and tablets, at least in an initial period.

Considering the high appreciation shown by users in this initial period, we can expect more and more compatibility with various portable devices . Within a year or so, there will likely be hundreds of games available instead of dozens. Each casino will therefore make available a mobile gaming platform practically identical to the classic one that can be used by PCs. And if the trend remains the same as seen in these few months, the number of mobile players could exceed by many hands that of fixed-position players.

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